Thank You, Berners, For Continuing The Fight

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge something. After my previous post I decided to take some time off my political proselytizing to simply observe. My previous post was almost entirely written with the intention of changing people’s minds to adopt opinions more similar to my own. This was because of a fear that the Bernie Sanders Political Revolution movement was making a dark, dangerous turn towards violence. It turns out, that fear was unfounded.

In addition, I’ve written, said, and done much in a desperate attempt to keep hope alive within the Bernie camp. In the face of the “Bernie is impossible, Hillary is inevitable” story that the Associated Press has been shoving down our throats, I had a fear that many Bernie supporters would end up believing that narrative, back down from their convictions, and fulfill that prophecy by removing their support. That was, of course, almost definitely the plan of the Hillary camp- but that’s not what happened.

I had always believed in the power of the people- in our ability to stand together for what’s right and use that solidarity to create a better world for all of this. Despite this deep-seated belief, I have had many intervening fears and worries that have led me to confusion and desperation. I must admit, there were even some moments in which my hope flagged.

However you, my fellow Berners, have lifted me up. In the past few weeks I have been awed and inspired by this movement. In the face of increasing corruption, injustice, and seemingly insurmountable challenges- the strength of the movement has only gotten stronger.

When the Hillary camp wanted us to roll over and give up, we came together with further strength and solidarity. When our voices were shut out from the political process, we responded not with silence, but by turning up the volume. When these and many other injustices were wrought against us and aroused anger within us- we directed the anger not towards violence but toward deepening commitment to the peace that this movement is founded upon.

There have been countless challenges during this long campaign. It would have been understandable at any point, for us to give up and cut our losses. But we haven’t. We have stood together. We have supported each other. We have reminded each other time and time again precisely what we’re fighting for. With each challenge, our collective resolve has only become stronger.

For the strength of this movement, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been so impressed by the dedication and compassion that pervades this movement. I have felt the warmth of the community as well as the fighting spirit of the movement. The odds are certainly stacked strongly against us, but when I witness the steadfast resolve of this movement, I have little doubt that we will change the country as we know it.

Thank you fellow Berners, from the bottom of my heart. You remind me what this fight is for.


As a final aside, I would like to share an article I recently read. It is an open letter to Bernie, urging him to stay in the race, thanking him for all that he’s done, and promising that we will continue to fight no matter what happens. It is a beautifully written, moving letter that I believe embodies much of what many are feeling. You can read it here.

Until next time, my friends.


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