Food for thought for Political Revolutionaries

Last night, I wrote an open letter to the Political Establishment. I published it briefly, but then realized it was not yet time for it and revoked it. I was writing on behalf of all of the Political Revolutionaries- though I do not have that right. I do not speak for all of us, I can only speak for myself. So I have saved my letter for a future date when and if the time is right. In the mean time, I have some important food for thought for my fellow revolutionaries. Here goes:


Let’s face it. The establishment is afraid of us. The stronger the Political Revolution has become behind the face of Bernie Sanders, the more desperate and obvious the attempts to cover it up by government officials and agencies, media outlets, and other “powerful” entities has become. Honestly, I can’t blame them.

From where they’re sitting, our movement looks like a horrible event in which they can only suffer. People are rightfully pissed off at the corrupt “world leaders.” The so-called world leaders are rightfully scared. It’s no surprise that they’re pushing back the only way they know how- through lies and deception.

Obviously, I don’t condone deception- especially with such far ranging and destructive consequences. Although, when the Political Revolution means the destruction of everything they know and depend on to care for themselves and their loved ones, I can’t help but sympathize.

What I’m getting at here, is that I believe it’s time to extend an olive branch. After all, the peaceful revolution is about peace and prosperity to all. It’s implied that it’s for everyone, but the behavior of many has had the subtle implication of “except the 1%”. This is causing them to push back in fear. Furthermore, it’s antithetical to the whole spirit of the movement. All people are created equal. Everyone deserves the right to life, liberty, and happiness. Yes, the world leaders have been royally fucking us over for ages, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re lives have value. They, like everyone, want to feel the love and connection that is at the heart of the motivation for revolution.

It’s time to invite them into the fold. It’s time we remind them that we’re not fighting THEM, the people in high places. What we’re fighting is the systems that keep us oppressed- ALL OF US- including the most “powerful” among us. It’s time we remind them that they don’t have to be afraid of us. It’s time we tell them that in the new world we’re creating, there’s space for all people, no matter what may have happened in the past.

I realize this demands a lot of us. In order to truly extend an olive branch, we must forgive our world leaders for failing us so miserably. In doing so, we must acknowledge our own responsibilities in creating this destructive culture in which we live. Once we do, though, we can emerge from the other side ever-more empowered to make the changes we dream of. We’ll be ever more capable to build the world of tomorrow.

It is time we let go of past grudges and bitterness and remember what this revolution is about- unity and liberation. Let us unite with those we previously considered our enemies. Let us liberate ourselves from our anger and hatred. Let us liberate our “enemies” from their fear of our power.

Let us invite them into the fold. Let us show them that we have a place for them in the world we’re creating.

Truly, we are stronger when we stand together. Let us begin a true dialog with those in power.


Are we ready for such a change?
You tell me.


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