This Presidential Race is About The Dream We Create

Hello all! This is going to be a short post, but I had to write while the inspiration is fresh.

I just watched this video from Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. I encourage you to do the same before you read on.


That video awoke something that was lying dormant inside me. I am so grateful for that. You see, I think that many of us may have forgotten what this election cycle was about. Many of us, myself included, have gotten bogged down in the questions of what is possible, what is realistic, and what is or isn’t difficult. Though, that is besides the point.

What we so often fail to appreciate is the simple fact that we dream our world into existence. For a long time the US was guided by the “American Dream”. That dream has changed and morphed over and over again as we have evolved as a civilization. Though what was important, though, is that we had one.

The world is birthed from people’s dreams. We have airplanes, automobiles, heroic cures for diseases, technologies that allow us to communicate across vast distances instantaneously. Human beings have visited the darkest depths of the oceans, have braved the most extreme conditions in pursuit of a dream. Through our dreams, we have even set foot on the moon and have our eyes pointed towards the vast ends of the cosmos. Even at this moment, the song of humanity is echoing through the cosmos.

All of these great achievements were accomplished because dedicated people had the courage and commitment to dream. They were not bogged down by questions of feasibility. The Wright brothers did not stop to doubt whether or not humans were capable of flight, they simply dreamed of the day we would and birthed that dream on Earth.

There is a reason I chose the name, Bridge Between Dreams, for my blog. That reason was for the understanding that the time has come for humanity to dream a new dream.

So far as I can remember, the US hasn’t had a unified American Dream in a long while. We have become fractured, disconnected, and afraid because we have forgotten the power and the magic that occurs when we dream together.

The question this election season is not, what kind of future is feasible. The question is, what kind of future do we want to create? If we don’t dare to dream, we forego the possibility of a truly brighter future. Without a vision for tomorrow, we only end up recreating yesterday.


The truth is, it is we the people that ultimately decide what is or isn’t possible politically, economically, and socially.

On that note, I urge you all to consider one important question. For just one small moment, forget all that you know about pragmatism and allow yourself the privilege to dream. Give your self just five minutes of quiet solitude to allow yourself to imagine.

In that space, ask yourself:

What kind of future do I want to live in?



As always, thank you for reading.

I love you all,


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