The Lucid Metamorphosis

Hello fam!

The time has come, at long last, to share about my beautifully transformative experience this year at Lucidity: Crossroads.

Lucidity was the culminating experience of all I had been through during my two and a half month excursion. Especially given how challenging the couple weeks prior to the festival were, finally getting there was like the ultimate reward for my courage and dedication to my own growth. It was the light at the end of the tunnel of my despair- and it was the most glorious and enlivening light I have ever had the honor to bask in.

First off, I ought to give a little background. Lucidity was originally the reason that I had decided to go to California. I traveled for the experience of traveling, but Lucidity was the reason I traveled to California specifically. My whole adventure was oriented towards that goal.

You see, Lucidity was created with an extremely special intention. It was designed to be a music festival, of course, but also so much more. It was designed to be a special sort of container- a sacred place. Here, it was intended, people could truly come together to share with one another. Here, we could begin to address some of the most intractable problems facing humanity at this point in history and create real, lasting solutions. Here we could truly be authentic with one another and recreate that sense of community that is our birthright, yet has become so rare nowadays. Here we could celebrate the opportunity we are blessed with to experience this beautiful moment on this gorgeous planet. Here we could heal ourselves and others. Here we could truly honor ourselves, one another, and this planet we share.

Here is the message posted on their website for this year’s festival:

The second chapter of our collective journey and the fifth installment of our epic saga brings us to this turbulent moment in space and time—the Now of our socio-cultural evolution. We see our global human family entangled in a liminal, transitional zone between what was and what will be. Crossroads is the place between worlds. It is a limbo zone where many of us are confronted by Shadow and a great fear of the unknown. This dark night of the collective soul represents our final push through the oppressive powers of mind control and socioeconomic domination. Having traversed three years of personal discovery, exploration, and realization, and having time-traveled into our past to learn from our tribal elders, we are now standing upon the mountaintop, hand in hand, looking out upon our beloved Mother Earth. Without denial or judgment, we acknowledge the bursting cities and poisoned seas, the weeping jungle and waning ice worlds. As the Dreamers of the New Dawn, only moments are spent on grief, as we are here to envision solutions. We resolve to cast light upon the darkness, to dig our hands in the dirt, to sing songs of a peaceful future, and actively sweep away that which no longer serves us.

When I first read this almost a year ago- I knew. I knew that my lifetime of seeking and dreaming had finally met it’s match. The dream that I had been nurturing alone within my own consciousness for so long finally had manifested on Earth. I was still filled with doubt and uncertainty that the utopian world I dreamed of was really possible, but I did know one thing for certain: here I could finally find my tribe. My vision was not mine alone, and I could finally meet so many others who share in it. Months later I bought my festival ticket, my plane ticket, and hit the road with Lucidity as the destination over the horizon. With optimism and hope in my heart, I began my journey.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had embarked on a pilgrimage. Along the way I faced many joys, challenges, and disappointments. I experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows. I encountered all that was beautiful and bright about myself and I confronted all that was dreadful and dark about myself. In facing all the aspects of myself, I was growing and evolving. I was preparing myself for full immersion in the glorious experience of Lucidity- and I’m so grateful I did.


When I finally made it to Lucidity, I was blown away. What is this place? Is this happening? Everyone was so real! Despite myself, I was in shock. I looked around and was overwhelmed. My whole life I had been telling people that a better world was possible. I spent vast amounts of energy trying to convince people that we could truly live authentically, honestly, and lovingly with one another. And there it was, before my eyes. People were doing what I had always talked about! As I watched the other attendees share their personal stories, make new connections, and celebrate life together; I realized something. I never fully believed this was possible either.

But I was there! I had every desire to retreat back into myself- to hide from the rawness that surrounded me, but I didn’t. The world I had dreamt of my entire life was before me. I was not going to let fear get the better of me. I had just spent two months confronting every challenge life sent my way! Fear could no longer stop me!

What followed was, without a doubt, one of the most life-defining experiences of my life. I connected with person after person- each one touching a piece of my heart. I have had countless moments of heartfelt connection with others in my life- those special moments when we lower our defenses, forget our pretensions of separation, and feel how intimately connected we truly are. I’m sure all of us have. In my life, though, those moments have been just that: moments. They have been fleeting glimpses of the unity which underlies our perceived separation. At Lucidity, though, I felt that profound connection with nearly everyone I met. Every random encounter, no matter how minor- seemed preordained. I met countless people, but it didn’t feel like I was simply making acquaintances. It didn’t even feel like I was making friends! It was like I was reuniting with the other parts of my soul- parts that I had been seeking my whole life!

This feeling was not mine alone. Throughout the week I heard countless people rejoice: “This is what I’ve always dreamed of!” “I feel like I’ve known you my whole life!” “This is paradise!”

Together, we embraced parts of ourselves and one another that we had long forgotten. It was a continuous wave of personal and collective growth. We supported one another as we confronted ourselves. We approached one another with true, unconditional love. We accepted one another with complete non-judgment. We celebrated our common humanity in all it’s flawed beauty. We shared in both our joys and our sorrows. We danced together. We laughed together. We howled together. We cried together. We came together in all of our uniqueness as individual expressions of our united Cosmic Heritage. We shared ourselves with one another and in doing so, began to create something the Earth- and maybe the Universe- has never seen. Together, we planted the seeds of a brighter future.

Words cannot possibly express all the magic that was shared in that special, sacred gathering- and perhaps it’s better that way. The love we shared during that festival binds us together as a united tribe. Though that magic is not for us to keep to ourselves. The festival may have been weeks ago, but even now I can feel the power of all that transpired resonating deep within my heart. It reverberates throughout my entire being and resounds in every action I make, breath I take, and word I speak.

No; this Love, Power, and Inspiration is not for us to keep to ourselves, but to share with the world. This is the reason we came to Lucidity- to fill our hearts so that we may continue to share love with all our relations.

I realized something very important at Lucidity. I realized for myself what I had been trying so desperately to convince others of throughout the years. Utopia is real. It already lives within our hearts. There is no more doubt within my mind any longer, I saw it with my own two eyes. The time has truly come for us to create Heaven on Earth.

I’m not the same as I was before Lucidity- or perhaps I am. It is not as if I feel any differently than I did before. It’s not as if my dreams have changed. It’s not as if my heart beats any differently than before. But one thing has changed for sure. The barriers I had built around my heart, the defenses between myself and the world- they have come down! No longer will I keep my love from the world for fear of rejection, judgment, or abandonment. Any barriers I still have erected are disintegrating at an awesome rate. As I continue to embrace my deepest essence, I will continue to grow my capacity to love.

I wish to extend my deepest gratitude and appreciation to the creators of Lucidity and all who were present. I now realize my potential as a creator of reality. I know now for sure that Utopia is not some impossible dream, but a reality that already exists. To reside there is simply a matter of choice.

I know that myself and the other Rainbow Warriors who attended Lucidity will continue to choose the path of love. We will continue to live from our hearts. We will continue to create, share, collaborate, and heal. We will be the creators of the New Earth as we physically manifest that peace within our hearts. It’s such a glorious and blessed journey that we’re taking part in. I am so grateful for this life, the memories we shared, and the continued invitation to grow.


If any of you have felt inspired, I encourage you to attend the final Lucidity festival- Lucidity: Eudaemonia. It is bound to be every bit as phantasmagoric, joyous, and loving as Crossroads- if not more so. You can find out more about the Lucidity journey at here. Feel free to like their Facebook page as well here and join the community. I guarantee you will encounter none but the most loving and beautiful people. I know that I have.

Thank you for reading.
I love you all


P.S: That pretty much concludes my chronicle of my vagabonding excursion, or at least this particular one. That being said I fully intend to keep my blog going! But I want to hear what YOU want to read about! I can write on any number of topics including spirituality, science, environment, politics, consciousness, psychology, healing, vibrational medicine, personal transformation- or pretty much anything! I’m open to any and all suggestions! Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below! Otherwise, I’ll keep writing about whatever suits my fancy. Thanks in advance!

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