A New Day, A New Adventure

Hey all!

This is a very special moment in our trip. As some of you may know, we’ll shortly be departing San Diego to head north. Our likely destination is Joshua Tree, although those of you following our journey closely probably know that’s not anything to count on. What is certain is that in the near future we’ll be leaving San Diego. It’s not without sadness that we do so, especially with all the great friends we’ve met here. We’ve been blessed with great people, great experiences, and have been showered with love since we’ve been here.

Once again we find ourselves embarking into the unknown. I feel the familiar tinge of nervous anticipation as when we first flew out here, but tempered with the experience of the past month and deeper faith in the world, in myself, and in the people we’re bound to encounter. The reason, though, I felt the need to make this post today is because it’s not unlikely that I’ll be unable to secure an internet connection for the next month or so. We may be camping at Joshua Tree for weeks without electricity and to Lucidity after that. My posts haven’t been entirely reliable, I know, but they may become even more sporadic. This is unfortunate because I have so much I want to share. Next time we take a trip like this I may have to bring my laptop for more frequent updates.

Anyways, tonight Danielle and I will be singing at an open mic with me on the guitar. I’m pretty excited about that. We’ve found ourselves some great friends in a group of exquisitely talented musicians. Needless to say, we’ve been flooded with inspiration to make music. So that’s exactly what we’re doing! It’s my first time ever performing in front of a crowd. We’ll be playing the singular song that I can play and sing simultaneously. Wish us luck!

What else, what else… I received a good suggestion to begin blogging more about how to live the type of lifestyle we’ve adopted- how to afford it and the like. It’s getting time to head to that open mic, so I can’t give a detailed report, but I can tell you this: it’s cheap AND easy! Seriously! The only difficult part is mustering the courage to leave your comfort zone. If you’re committed to the cause, though, you’d be surprised at how well the world supports you. Danielle and I have gotten all our food for free the past week up until today. We’ve gotten food from dumpsters (not as gross as it sounds), have been gifted farmer’s market produce after helping them clean up, and have gotten free meals attending our friends’ concert- just to name a few ways we’ve eaten. We’ve spent a total of $70 on lodging in the past month- good luck finding rent that cheap. In total, we’ve probably spent about $2000 since we left home. Most of that was spent on experiences like the healing ceremony we attended and other optional adventures. Had we been more frugal we could have easily spent less than half that. I’ll tell you more detailed later.

So yeah. It turns out it’s true. You can spend your time traveling and having exciting adventures for less than it costs to live in most apartments. Think on that for a bit. 😉

Anyways, it’s time to go be crowd-pleasers! Thanks for reading!

Much love to you all. 🙂


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