A Messy Call to Action

Hi all! I’m having a bit of an off day today, but I wanted to check in with my loyal fans. Hehe

Yesterday, Danielle and I left our wonderful friends at Imperial Beach to head north to Ocean Beach! We arrived in the late afternoon last night and stayed in a USA hostel. It’s super rad- filled to the brim with foreign hippies!


Since we arrived last night, we’ve already made a handful of friends (it’s shockingly easy on the road) from Ireland, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, and even one from Naperville! It seems there’s no escaping that city. Anyways, it’s great! If you’ve ever considered staying at a hostel for any reason, do it. You will meet so many friendly, open, worldly people. It’s like a cultural melting pot. I even met one  Brazilian guy today who is going to go out surfing with me in about an hour. Neither of us have ever surfed before, so it’s sure to be a fun and exciting day of wipe-outs. I’ve been wanting to surf for a long time now, so I’m glad to have a buddy who’s willing to make a fool of himself with me.

It’s strange that I’m drawing a blank here. I don’t even know what to share with you all, not for lack of experiences to share, but because there’s so much that’s happened in the past few weeks- both internally and externally- that I don’t even know how to capture it in words.

There is something I’d like to try to describe though. It’s something I’ve heard of before about traveling, but to experience it is profound. I’m getting to know Dan on a deeper level than ever before. It’s difficult for me to explain but it is truly something extraordinary. The only way I feel I can define it at all is by contrasting it with so-called “normal” life, that is, the life I had lived up until now. Everything I did was more-or-less following a path. Things were quite certain. I woke up in the same place and went to bed in the same place every day. I had routines. I brush my teeth at this time, eat at that time, go to work on these days, hang out with these peoples, etc.. I loved my routines. They provided my life order and stability- or so I thought. I have discovered, now, that that’s not true. By freeing myself from my routines, I am able to more fully be myself. I have tuned in with my inner world in a way I never knew I wasn’t. Whereas my life was regimented by my externally defined routines and environment, I am now organizing my life around myself. I don’t eat at lunch time, I eat when I’m hungry. I don’t go to bed at midnight, I go to bed when I’m tired. I don’t meditate for 15 minutes in the morning, I meditate when I feel like it for as long as feels right. You see, I’ve been discovering what I’ve always known, that there’s a guidance inside me. It operates through my body, through my heart, through my spirit. It’s impossible to define and yet it exists everywhere. I had not realized that I was fighting that inner guidance up until now in my life. I had been complicating my life with routine, expectation, and the “should’s” I had built in my mind. Free from the consistent, distracting environments I was used too, I’ve begun to meet my self. By putting myself into the midst of a relatively chaotic lifestyle, the peace and guidance that exists within me has begun to shine more and more each day.

I urge all of you, if you’re inner voice is saying something- which it always is- and urging you to do something. Don’t fight it. That voice is infinitely wiser than that monkey brain we so love to revere. You may not understand why you must heed that voice. Or maybe you do and you’re too scared to follow through. Take it from me, one who has spent years fighting that voice to finally give in, get out, and take a leap of faith- to dive headfirst into the great unknown; listening to that voice is perhaps one of the best things you can do for yourself. But, of course, you already knew that didn’t you? I won’t beat a dead horse any longer but I have one thing to say.

You can trust yourself- and when you make that leap- we’ll be here to catch you.

I love you all.

Until next time


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